Bolted Steel Tanks

Bolted & Welded Steel Storage Tanks Manufacturer and Suppliers in size range from 20 m3 to 10000 m3. and Installed and operated more than 1000+ Bolted & Welded stainless steel Tanks around the Globe.

Bolted Steel Tank Manufacturer

Bolted tanks for steel, for example water, sand, mud and cereals are a versatile storage system for both liquids and dry goods. They are made out of individual stainless steel panels that are manufactured and completed by the enclosed facility and then transported to the site with the necessary joints and fasteners for the stored product.

In comparison to traditional concrete or welded storage solutions requiring comprehensive manufacturing and finishing processes on site, bound tanks provide fast deployment, lower shipping costs and can be installed in almost any weather environment, thereby removing a number of weather delays.

The bolted tanks are highly flexible and ideal for use in a wide range of industries. These are made from a range of materials including powder-coated, galvanized or stainless steel and can be designed to suit a particular needs of a project in a range of dimensions. They offer a reliable, leak-free storage solution, which can be built quickly, easily maintained, and an economical alternative.

Bolted Steel Tanks Applications :

Bolted steel tanks can be custom-made to store nearly any products, including: by using the appropriate products and finishes for the individual tank section along with the correct joints and joints for the stored product

  • Dry products, including concrete plant sand or mud drilling.
  • Waste, water treatment or washing for plant manufacturing.
  • Fire and emergency services water or foam.
  • Drinking water either for city, private water or emergency storage systems.
  • For irrigation or processing, non-potable water.
  • Commercial wastewater or municipal wastewater collection.
  • Food products for the purpose of storage or processing, for example powdered water, milk, orange juice, liquid ingredients, grain or ingredients.

Bolted Steel Tanks Advantages :

The bolted steel tanks deliver a wide variety of benefits compared to rival tank models such as concrete, welded steel, plastics or composites. Four of the biggest advantages are:

  • Numerous Applications: In almost every industrial, commercial, residential or rural use, from small production plants and municipal water systems, to full-size factory sands factories and beyond, bolting steel tanks can be utilized. They meet or exceed various industry criteria such as AWWA, NFPA, API and FM Global. The potable water tanks comply with the specifications of EPA and USDA.
  • Flexible Sizing: With very versatile tank dimensions, bolted steel tanks can be tailored to fulfill the power, installation and site limitations of each project.
  • Expansion Possibilities: Bolted tanks also can be expanded without the costs of adding a second tank to meet rising storage requirement.
  • Easy to Repair: If a component or attachment fails on a bolted stainless steel tank, unbolt and fix it can quickly, unlike other tanks that need extensive repairs.
  • Factory Finished: The parts of a bolted stainless steel tank are built and finished offsite, minimizing building, waste, emissions and temperature.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs: The bolted steel tanks are disassembled and shipping sizes are reduced and prices are reduced.
  • Faster Installation: The assembly time of the welded tank in bolted steel tanks is around 1/3, which lowers labor costs and allows the tank to be placed in operation at greater speed.

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