Durable Panel Water Storage Tanks

Durable GFS Panel Water Storage Tanks Manufacturers & Suppliers around the Globe in size range from 50 m3 to 25000 m3.
Glass Fused To Steel Tanks

Large Water Storage Tank Manufacturer and Suppliers

Tank technology assembled in Enamel is a tank manufacturing technology which makes use of high-strength steel substrates for enamel and adopts a professional enamel technique which means that the tank formation is finally completed by low-connecting tank with the use of an anti-corrosive glaze layer fused to the surface of a substrate and made from a standard steel package.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS), also known as the Glass-Lined-Steel (GLS), is an established product that has substantial customer, consulting and contractor advantages over other tank construction types.

GFS is a two-material material that combines steel and flexibility and an outstanding corrosion resistance in glass to create an inert and inorganic connection so that Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks provide a wide variety of advantages over standard epoxy or welded painted storage tanks. GFS tanks can be reworked, expanded, dismantled and relocated.

Features Characteristics :

  • Safe and safe storage, low maintenance and operational costs.
  • GFS / GLS tanks can be mounted easily and rapidly.
  • Facility of site delivery.
  • The long-term asset value of the tanks can be expanded, dismantled and re-sited.
  • Long life and the cheapest storage solution for customer requirements.

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