SMC Panel Tanks

SMC Panel Storage Tanks Manufacturer and Suppliers in size range from 10 m3 to 5000 m3. and Installed and operated more than 1000+ SMC Panel Tanks around the Globe.

SMC Panel Tank Manufacturer

The company SMC Panel Systems (SMC) is specialized in the production of a wide variety of connecting interfaces and custom aluminum and plastic front panels. standard, modular and custom panel systems.

SMC panel tanks’ unique features are simple to mount with the help of traditional tools by plumbers and general engineers. Climate, temperature, heat & red evidence Safe for drinking water storage as the tanks are made of FDA licensed material grades Easy to remove and transport when changing site Easy to raise or decrease the size. Easy to install on-site in any size.

SMC Panel Tanks are ideal alternative for RCC / MS Tanks. Sectional SMC panel tanks with solid modular construction are light in weight. Although strong, they can still be easily built with leak-proof and sturdy content. The tanks can be easily maintained and washed.

SMC panel tanks are designed to deal with a variety of site conditions and adverse weather. These are engineered and manufactured to meet the conditions of subzero temperature.

SMC Panel Tank Applications :

  • Multi Storied residential buildings Commercial Complexes,
  • RO purifier plant manufacturers,
  • Railways,
  • Malls,
  • Hotels Resorts,
  • Hospitals,
  • IT Parks,
  • Large Mass Housing Projects,
  • Pre fabricated Industrial Sheds, Structures and Cabins.
  • SEZs.

SMC Panel Tank Advantages :

  • Nearly 1/6th of steel is deadweight or selfweight.
  • Light-duty skid mounting self assisted frame.
  • Mechanical features-Exceptional weight strength ratio.
  • Isolation — Almost 1/240th of steel thermal conductivity, so water processed stays cooler
  • Airtight screening is the hygienically safest on smoother paper.
  • Total water drainage quick washing.
  • Max provides a modular design. Power enhancement versatility and soother aesthetically optimistic light.

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