Zincalume Tanks

Zincalume Tanks / ZnAl Tanks Manufacturer and Suppliers in size range from 20 m3 to 20000 m3. and Installed and operated more than 1000+ Zinc Aluminium Storage Tanks around the Globe.

Zincalume Steel Tanks Manufacturer

The cylindrical tanks developed from 20 KL to 10,000 KL, are pre-manufactured by the GFS Tanks. Tanks are a highly qualified in-house team of draftsmen and designers who ensure that any requirement can be met. The GFS Tanks ensure precise, simple design using latest technology and 3-D CAD packages.

ZnAl Tanks Technical Details :

Zincalume Steel is made of GFS tanks liquid storage tanks. This has a composition of the metal bonding agent Zinc, Aluminum & Silicone and Silicon. These tanks have multi-layer liquid storage media, PVC / ME food grade lines or full thickness unreinforced PVC / PE, depending on use. These tanks are available in a tissue-scrib. Zincalum steel has anti-pollution, corrosion, anti-fungal and heat-resistant characteristics.

Zincalume Tanks Applications :

The GFS tanks are highly useful and economic for your projects because our tanks are used in applications such as water, waste water, sea, alkaline and acidic chemicals, solvents, most of which have different densities. GFS Tanks for stainless steel storage tanks are very economical for your project. The tanks are longer-term, bad maintenance, esthetic appeal and competitive in quality than the tanks from MS Fabricated / RCC.

Their installational size, 200 cu, is the beauty of these tanks. In 4-6 days, the meter tanks will be assembled on site. They are food grade, non-corrosive and in-house reinforced PVC tanks, with a life of at least 40-60 years without maintenance.

The capacity range available in India ranges from 10 KL to maximum 10 million liters up to 15 meters in height to a maximum diameter of 30 metres.

Our standard tanks are equipped with a pH level between 4 and 12 for liquid storage. Such tanks may be used to store waste or waste water, seawater, molasses and other alcohols, as well as juice and acid and alkaline chemicals.

Zincalume Tanks Benefits :

  • Reinforced high-quality liner: Foreseen in a completely sealed tank to last 40-60 years. Using a liner, no contact is made between the surface of the steel and the water contained. (It is not important to use silicones or sealants).
  • Flexible wall of steel with a solid, unique onion profile. The inner liner and the tank shell will move separately.
  • Structure modular, form kit. Easy to elevate and to treat, almost anywhere can be mounted. The roof tops and project sites where space is limited also can be built.
  • Almost everywhere tanks can be delivered or carried. Each tank has a fully-assembled capacity of just 1 percent, which allows us to pack in a sea container between 15-25 units. Tanks can be borne, if necessary, by sea, rail or air.
  • Knock down concept fully modular. They are manufactured in a controlled manufacturing environment and checked before shipment (in compliance with ISO 9001), all components are of good quality.
  • All components of the tank Water Tank India Steels are replaceable in case of accidental injury. The consumer does not then have to buy a new tank. If required, air cargo replacement parts may be used.
  • The kit type tanks of the Water Tank India Steels can be demounted and moved to a new location when necessary.
  • There is a full selection of factory pre-coated colours. When required, tanks can be painted.
  • A full one-piece liner (such as a giant bag) is given for all water tanks in Indi Steels.
  • This tank liner can be pushed by some tank wall flexing.
  • Low cost for a product of high quality made to last. Installation is easy and fast and after completion of construction the tanks can be filled immediately.
  • There is very little structural load.
  • Flexibility to meet almost all feature criteria.

For Liquid Storage Tanks / Solid Storage Silos enquiries or to know more details feel free to contact us @ +91 9133735757 or email to gfstanks@outlook.com