Manufacturing Process Of GLS/GFS Tanks

Manufacturing Process Of Glass-Lined Steel (GLS) / Glass-Fused To Steel (GFS) Tanks and production processes like laser, deburring, brushing, paint, enamel, inspection and packaging are completed in a total of seven stages.
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Process Of GLS / Glass-Fused To Steel (GFS) Tanks

For agricultural, industrial, and municipal purposes, the GLS tanks are frequently used. Glass is fused with steel to enhance the latter’s properties. Fusion is necessary because single steel is for environmental conditions. Glass Bonded to Steel is the ideal solution with the benefits from both materials. The steel is known for its high strength and flexibility. Such tanks are known for their excellent performance against corrosion.

Because of its excellent features such as maintenance free design, temperature tolerant, hygienic surface and long service lives, the Glass-Fused steel tanks is highly favored. The glass of these tanks helps to avoid corrosion, while steel retains its exceptional strength and durability. On the other side, glass fused tanks in steel are considered to be abrasion and impact-resistant, no bacteria can be seen on the surface of these tanks.

For various applications including mass storage, oil storage Tanks, Fire protection Tanks, water and wastewater treatment, storage and digester, the glass-fused steel tank is widely requested. These tanks can be easily combined with other equipment, reused, transferred and extended. It is known for its wear and scratch quality, as these tanks can be easily mounted at the appropriate spot.

Such GFS Tanks, due to their low maintenance costs, are popular for providing safe and stable storage. As fused-glass steel tanks, the facility is cost-effective and efficient, helping decrease the project sizes, expense and the need for on-site equipment. Glass fused to steel technology has a greater performance in delivering an outstanding value for life compared with soldered or concrete tanks. These tanks are suitable for quick storage of different materials and fluids.

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Step by Step GLS/GFS tanks Process :

Many steps are necessary in order to produce high-quality panels. Growing step in the production process is given equal importance in order to meet high standards. The production processes like laser gun, deburring, brushing, paint, enamel, inspection and packaging are completed in a total of seven stages.

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  • LASER: The raw sheets are cut using a laser.
  • DEBURRING: the edges of the sheets can be rounded according to customer requirements.
  • BRUSHING-BENDING: The sheets are all brushed and then prepared for processing the enamel.
  • POWDER: This is the method that in electrostatic processes mixes the powder with the coarse sheets.
  • ENAMEL: Powder and raw sheet combine in this phase the high-performance oven roughly. 800 ° C to help to build the surface that is resistant to corrosion.
  • INSPECTION: Once the furnace is completed, a complete pores inspection and a thorough visual inspection is carried out on the stand.
  • PACKAGING: Edge protection is added before packaging the panels as transport safety. The panel packages for different projects are then commissioned.

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